With SAP Jam, executives and managers in HR, learning, and knowledge management departments can streamline key business processes — resulting in improved efficiency, lower training costs, and more productive and engaged employees.

Increase HR process efficiency

Add the collaborative capabilities of Jam to speed your HR processes. You’ll be able to create and share performance and development goals collectively for faster and better goal alignment and completion. Focus on decreasing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction by using Jam to welcome new hires and inspire and engage employees regardless of their location. Provide analytics to onboarding managers to help them monitor engagement and flag at-risk employees.

Reduce the cost of training

Increase the return on your learning investment by complementing formal training with videos, screen recording, wikis, blogs, and polls. Add a Jam community to virtual and traditional classrooms to easily distribute documents and guide learners to do pre-work and to discuss concepts before, during, and after classes, improving retention.

Accelerate employee productivity and engagement

Reduce time-to-productivity by creating a Jam community where new hires can engage with one another, work together on onboarding activities, and receive support from experts across the company. You’ll be able to provide job-specific training and content, assign tasks, and monitor the progress of employees. With Jam's video and content-sharing capabilities, you can reinforce your company values, celebrate good work, and help employees feel connected to their teammates.


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